Steve Hudson

Steve-NEWThe Voice Master International company was founded in 1995 by Steve Hudson, one of the world’s leading communication consultants and international award winning voiceover actor. After working as communication skills trainer for  3M and Xerox in London and Washington DC, he realised the need to develop a technique that could be used by anyone from newscasters to CEOs.

Knowing that most actors are excellent communicators, he trained at the National Theatre in London and subsequently became a leading international voiceover. During this time he created and developed the Hudson Voice Technique. Voice Master International now trains companies and individuals around the world in the Hudson Voice Technique with astounding results.



As a voiceover artist, Steve has advertised hundreds of products including Old Spice, Kodak, Gallo Wine, Martini, Ford, Shell, Pentax, Guinness and many more.

He has worked with many celebrities including the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, Roger Moore, Miriam Margolyes, Hulk Hogan, Tracy Ullman, and Pele.

His television commercials have been directed by leading industry luminaries such as Ridley Scott, Adrian Lyne, Alan Parker, and Otto Preminger. His awards include the Hollywood Radio and Television Society’s Best Radio Commercial in the World.

Steve was invited to audition for the role of James Bond but lost by an eyebrow (and several million dollars) to Roger Moore.

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