•  It is a home study course. Study at your own pace.

•  The entire course is downloadable.

•  Steve Hudson will guide you through the entire course.

•  After completion he will assess you and send your diploma.

The Hudson Voice Technique is a home study course. The audio files and the PDF work booklet have to be downloaded from the Voice Master website.

Here is excerpt from the Power Point version from where you can get clear idea about this material.


Here’s how it works:

– Before you start the course, you have to record your ‘Before’ recordings and keep them to one side. This is to establish your starting point. You then go through each element of the course, guided by Steve.

– As you go through the course, you need to record yourself so you can listen back and correct anything that’s not quite right.

– Once you have gone through all seven elements, you need to practice for about two weeks (20 minutes a day).

– After this practice period, you need to record the same scripts you recorded before you started the course. These are you ‘After’ recordings.

– You send your ‘Before and After’ recordings to us so Steve can assess you.

– When he is happy with the result, Voice Master will send your Diploma.

– Throughout the course Steve gives specific instructions to the student through the downloaded audio files and hears samples of proper speaking by Steve himself.

The actual practicing hours per week is minimal. It is not an overly time consuming involvement, which gives ample of time for other engagements. The student can set his own pace of practicing, which will be helpful in case of being very busy and not being able to dedicate a lot of time in a shorter period of going through the course.

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