It is my pleasure to introduce the “Voice Master” course from Steve Hudson, which benefitted me incredibly with my voice communication skills.

In my service of giving lectures, seminars, personal counselling and many other related engagements, I have always felt the urgent need to improve my verbal communication efficiency. I studied various books on this topic and even took a course for one year in rhetoric.

However, after studying Steve’s Voice Master technique, I have to admit that it surpasses by far anything else I ever learned. I was struck by the simplicity and effectiveness of this method.

I learned how to identify and understand information units in sentences and accordingly use proper pronunciation and natural pauses between them – What a revelation!

None of us were taught a communication technique at school; you had to rely on your instinct. Steve’s method changes your speech pattern from instinct to technique. You’ll become so much more effective in getting your message across.

Over the years I developed a close friendship with Steve and I truly feel the privilege to endorse his course to our ISKCON members. I strongly urge you to take the course. Experience the result yourself.  Benefit, ameliorate, transcend!

I want to emphasize that this course is “not exclusively” for those, who are engaged in verbal communication services or professions. It is meant for everyone, who wants to improve verbal communication with anyone – devotees, family members, friends, husband and wife.


Your servant,