We feel that it is not fair to place our members in positions of verbally communicating with hundreds and thousands of people, with media agencies, conferences and the like without proper training.

Voice Master Home Study Course enhances memory retention, reduces improper pronunciation and accents and it slows you down (most people speak too fast). You will be completely in charge of your voice and the way you deliver words. People will have more confidence in what you say.It is essential that all preachers, teachers and leaders of ISKCON convey the message of Krishna Consciousness by learning how to properly use general verbal communication as a tool. It enables one to be a more effective communicator.

Verbal communication problems result in vast, unnecessary relationship conflicts. Although we have a perfect philosophy, we need to use the proper tool to deliver it.

Often, “It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It”.

“Austerity of speech consists in speaking words that are truthful, pleasing, beneficial, and not agitating to others…”    (Bg, 17.15)

Srila Prabhupada explains in the beginning of the purport that a teacher might speak the truth to instruct his students, but he should not speak to those who are not his students, if he will agitate their minds. If we are not trained to deliver our thoughts through proper speech, we might hurt others, even inadvertently. This course is an invaluable tool to learn to control ones speech for our own benefit and for the benefit of others.


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