About the Course


•  Your verbal communication will improve drastically.

•  You will enhance your memory retention.

•  You will reduce your accent in case of English as a second language.

•  You will become a more effective communicator.

This unique course will improve your verbal communication skills. Whether you need to give a class, a presentation, a seminar, speak to the media or in your daily life interaction with people, the Hudson technique is essential. It enhances your memory retention, which is great if you’re studying and it’s a benefit for people who speak English as a second language because it reduces accents and slows you down, making you a more effective communicator.

If you are looking for a job at the radio, TV, as a teacher or even as a professional voiceover artist, this course will qualify you with an authentic diploma from Steve Hudson, who has been recognized as one of the leading voiceover artist worldwide.

This course will make you more confident, because with this technique, you will be completely in charge of your voice and the way you deliver words and that means people will have more confidence in what you say. Due to lack of training, we tend to hold on to embarrassment phrases like, “well…”  “em…”  “ah…”, etc. to create pauses we need in order to breathe or think, due to simply not knowing the proper technique.

None of us were taught a communication technique at school, you had to rely on your instinct.
The Hudson Voice Technique changes your speech pattern from instinct to technique – in other words – you’ll become a professional communicator. After all the studying and
experience you’ve gained, the Hudson Voice Technique is the final piece of the jigsaw. It’s a skill you benefit from your entire life.

Remember, Steve has generously given a discount for all ISKCON members and those, who are acquainted with ISKCON. We feel that it is not fair to place our members in positions of verbally communicating with hundreds and thousands of people, with media agencies, conferences and the like without proper training. This course is an attempt to fulfill this need.


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